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2014-2019 Comprehensive Park & Open Space Plan

Final Comprehensive Park & Open Space Plan: 2014 - 2019
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Harvey John & Lucille Taylor Memorial Park

Local resident Lucille Taylor, 82, will leave a legacy for area children and families. The Middleton native, who stepped foot into the working world as a cleaning lady making just $8 a day, has a knack for frugality. Her thrifty habits and savvy investments have afforded her the ability to save and donate over $130,000 towards the construction of a state-of-the-art park.

Located off Highway Q in the new Bishop's Bay development, the Harvey John and Lucille Taylor Memorial Park features the largest playground in Middleton. When the 11.2 acre park is completed, it will include walking and biking trails, as well as three football fields.

View the park plans here.

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