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    From rural/agricultural origins, Middleton has become a thriving and vibrant 
    community that is a vital commercial and business center.
  1. Historic Pheasant Branch Crossing Concept Plan Public Input Session

    The City of Middleton is considering a Historic Pheasant Branch Crossing concept plan. Pheasant Branch was an early settlement in Middleton Township, but its location is now within the City of Middleton. Read on...
  2. Beltline Bridge over Terrace Ave Construction

    The Department of Transportation plans to rehabilitate the Beltline bridges over Terrace Ave in the City of Middleton starting in August. Work will include re-decking the Beltline bridges. For all the details please see the Flyer below. Read on...
  3. Notice Of Public Hearing - Request For Amendment Of General Implementation Plan

    At a meeting of the Middleton Plan Commission to be held on Tuesday, August 22, 2017 at 7:05 pm, at Middleton City Hall, 7426 Hubbard Ave., Middleton, the following matter will be heard: Read on...